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Summer Internship Opportunities

Eisenberg Summer Internship. The Professor Richard F. Eisenberg and Harriet Rippey Eisenberg Fund for undergraduate students and/or programs, offers financial support for selected chemical engineering students for a meaningful summer work experience. Assignments are within the chemical engineering department working closely with faculty on projects that will compliment the academic program and enhance the students understanding of the use of chemical engineering principles. 

Projects: Interested faculty will submit proposals for summer projects with the commitment to work closely with students, providing advice and guidance. There are a variety of projects available covering different phases of chemical engineering ranging from applied to fundamental problems. Projects may be experimental and/or theoretical in nature. A brief written description of available projects will be provided to interested students. 

Eligibility: University of Rochester undergraduate students completing the sophomore or junior year in the chemical engineering program may apply. The selection of students to participate in the Internship Program will be based on consideration of personal characteristics, promise as a chemical engineer, and the matching of applicants to appropriate projects. 

Student Responsibilities: The selected students must make a commitment for full time work over the period of the appointment. Upon the completion of the project a written report is to be submitted along with an assumed obligation to present a seminar on the project to a student/faculty group. An undergraduate research symposium is planned for early October during Meliora Weekend of each year for this purpose. This event may be organized as part of the co-curricular program of the student chapter of AIChE. 

Term: 11 weeks during the summer. Other arrangements may be negotiable under special circumstances. Remuneration: $3,000. 

Application Deadline: Wednesday, April 1st, 2015. To apply, download and complete the application form (application.doc).

2015 Eisenberg Summer Internship - PROJECT LIST

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