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Chemical Engineering Seminar Series 

All Seminars are Wednesday at 3:25 PM 
Gavett Hall 202 unless otherwise noted

Spring Semester- 2016

January 20, 2016
Professor Lynden Archer, Cornell University
Electrodeposition of Metals in Nanostructured Electrolytes: Transport Phenomena and Stability

February 24, 2016
Professor Jillian Buriack, University of Alberta
Nanopatterning on Surfaces via Self-Assembly: Polymers, Patterns, and Plasmons

April 13, 2016
Professor Michael P. Harold, University of Houston
Multi-Functional Structured Catalysts for Clean Exhaust from Lean Burn Vehicles

April 20, 2016
Professor Joshua A. Anderson, University of Michigan
Examining the fluid to solid transition of hard polygons with large scale Monte Carlo simulations

April 27, 2016 - Su Lecturership
Professor Paula Hammond, MIT
Nanostructured Polymer Assemblies for Targeted Bioresponsive Cancer Delivery

Fall Semester-2015

November 18, 2015
Professor Gregory S. Rohrer, Carnegie Mellon University
Polar surface domains and their impact on photochemical reactivity

November 4, 2015
Professor Liangbing Hu, University of Maryland
Nanomaterials for Energy and Flexible Electronics

October 21, 2015
Professor Jason B. Shear, University of Texas @ Austin
Micro-3D Printing of Microscopic Bacterial Communitites

September 23, 2015
Professor Joerg Lahann, University of Michigan
Designer Biointerfaces: Bridging the Gap Between Man-Made Materials and Biological Systems

September 9, 2015
Professor Christopher Bonino, Research Triangle Institute
Renewable Energy Storage

September 2, 2015
Professor Randall Snurr, Northwestern University
Molecular Modeling of Metal-Organic Frameworks for Energy and Environmental Applications