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Stephen D. Jacobs

Stephen D. Jacobs

Professor;Senior Scientist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics

Office: 250 East River Road
Phone: (585) 275-4837
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PhD, University of Rochester, 1975

Selected Honors & Awards:

Fellow, Optical Society of America (2005)
Fellow, Society of Photo-Optical Instrumentation Engineers (2003)
Member, Phi Beta Kappa (1970)
Member, Tau Beta Pi (1970)


Optics 443: Optical Fabrication and Testing, even numbered years
ChE 447: Liquid Crystal Optics for Chemical Engineers, odd numbered years

Research Expertise: 

Optical Materials, Properties; Processes and Components Related to High Power Lasers; including Liquid Crystal Optics; Optical Thin-Films; Anisotropic Optics; Optics Fabrication and Testing; Laser induced Damage and Chemo-Mechanics in Optical Finishing Technologies.

Research Overview

Research is currently conducted in six areas: alignment coatings and mechanisms of alignment for liquid crystal devices; pH adjustment in magnetorheological fluids for acid polishing of polycrystalline ceramics; anisotropic optical effects for the manipulation of polarization of large, high peak power lasers; nanomechanical properties of fragile, metal-oxide structures used in the manipulation of light; properties of multilayer, dielectric thin film coated optics in adverse chemical environments; effect of environment on laser induced damage in optical materials. Extensive laboratory facilities are available within our research group for undergraduate interns, co-op students and graduate students to carry out experiments (see facilities list on our website)

Recent Publications:

Miao, C.; Shen, R.; Wang, M.; Shafrir, S. N.; Yang, H.; Jacobs, S. D.; “Rheology of Aqueous Magnetorheological Fluid Using Dual-Oxide Coated Carbonyl Iron Particles,” Journal of American Ceram. Society 2011, 94, 2386-2392.

Lambropoulos, J. C.; Miao, C.; Jacobs, S. D.; "Magnetic Field Effects on Shear and Normal Stresses in Magnetorheological Finishing," Optics Express 2010, 18, 19713-19723.

Miao, C.; Lambropoulos, J. C .; Jacobs, S. D.; "Process Parameter Effects on Material Removal in Magnetorheological Finishing of Borosilicate Glass," Applied Optics 2010, 49, 1951-1963.

Shen, R.; Shafrir, S. N.; Miao, C.; Wang, M.; Lambropoulos, J. C.; Jacobs, S. D.; and Yang, H.; "Synthesis and Corrosion Study of Zirconia-Coated Carbonyl Iron Particles," J. Colloid and Interface Science 2010, 342, 49-56.

Shafrir, S. N.; Romanofski, H. J.; Skarlinski, M.; Wang,M.; Miao, C.; Salzman, S.; Chartier, T.; Mici, J.; Lambropoulos, J. C.; Shen, R.; Yang, H.; Jacobs, S. D.; "Zirconia-Coated Carbonyl-Iron-Particle-Based Magnetorheological Fluid for Polishing Optical Glasses and Ceramics," Applied Optics 2009, 48, 6797-6810.