Anthamatten Group


Welcome! Our research groups applies reversible, non-covalent interactions to influence polymer phase behavior and to promote polymer self-assembly and responsiveness. Molecular engineering of hydrogen bond, ionic, and van der Waal interactions has enabled a new class of dynamic polymers whose structure and properties are ultimately determined by an equilibrium with their environment (temperature, pH, composition). This concept will be important in developing advanced materials to fill emerging applications, including shape-memory polymers, fuel cell and flow battery membranes, ordered semiconductors for photovoltaic devices, and biomedical devices. Our research is highly interdisciplinary and involves chemical engineering, chemistry, physics, and material science. Explore our webiste to discover more.



June 2013- Prof. Anthamatten presented an invited talk "Engineering Elastomers and Melts with Reversibly Associating Side-Groups"at the Baekeland Symposium in Niagara Falls.

May 2013- Gregory Pennemon and Molly Tsai, two ChE undergraduates, joined the group for summer research experiences. Greg will be studying how imbibed solvent affects shape memory polymer networks, and Molly will be investigating diffusion of thiol-ene reactants prior to network formation.

March 2013- Anth. Group presents results at the Annual APS March Meeting (Lewis, Meng, Tao, and Anthamatten attend).

Febrary 2013- Supacharee Roddecha returns to Thailand after earning her PhD (and ion-conductive liquid crystals) and working as a postdoc on shape memory polymers.