Graduate Program

MS Chemical Engineering

StudentThe department offers most of its graduate courses in the late afternoon or evening to allow engineers and scientists employed full time to pursue the MS degree on a part-time basis.

The typical time required to complete an MS degree is two years for a full time student. Our graduate handbook provides additional details on the requirements for the master’s degree.

For information about financial aid and applying to the MS program, visit the apply to Rochester page. 


Accepted candidates who do not have a BS in chemical engineering will be required to complete a series of at least two courses in each of the following areas:

These courses can be included as part of the student’s advanced degree program and are valued at three graduate credits a piece. No more than two such courses can be credited towards the MS degree.

The program for the MS degree should include at least three courses from the following core areas:

Students interested in full-time study for the master's in chemical engineering have the option to obtain an MS degree from coursework only (Plan B), or from a combination of coursework and the successful defense of a thesis based on independent research (Plan A).

Students who pursue the thesis option are eligible to apply for departmental research awards to help fund their research.

Plan A, Thesis Option

All students who pursue the thesis-based MS degree option (Plan A) are expected to earn 30 hours of credit, with at least 18 credit hours of graduate level coursework. The rest of the credit hours are earned through the MS reading and/or research credits. Students who choose this option must also satisfactorily complete their master’s thesis and research courses.

Plan B, Coursework Option

All students who pursue the coursework-based MS degree (Plan B) must earn a minimum of 32 graduate credit hours. At least 18 credits should be department course. A maximum of 6 credits of research and/or reading courses can be used toward the degree. Students who choose this option are required to pass a written exit exam.