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Anthamatten, Mitchell

Professor; Scientist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics | (585) 273-5526
250 Gavett Hall

Interests: Macromolecular Self-assembly; Associative & Functional Polymers; Nanostructured Materials; Interfacial Phenomena; Optoelectronic Materials; Vapor Deposition Polymerization



Benoit, Danielle

Associate Professor; Primary: BME | (585) 273-2698
308 Goergen Hall

Interests: The Rational Design, Synthesis, Characterization; Employment of Materials to Treat Diseases; Control Cell Behavior for Applications in Drug Therapy; Regenerative Medicine; Tissue Engineering


Shaw H. Chen

Chen, Shaw H.

Professor; Senior Scientist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics | (585) 275-4040
251 Gavett Hall

Interests: Glassy Liquid Crystals; Robust Photoalignment Materials; Organic Semiconductors; Self-Organization of Nanoparticles; Optoelectronic Devices

Eldred H. Chimowitz

Chimowitz, Eldred H.

Professor | (585) 275-8497
208 Gavett Hall

Interests: Critical Phenomena; Supercritical Fluids; Percolation; Computer Simulation

Jennifer Condit

Condit, Jennifer

Undergraduate Admin Assistant & Study Abroad Coordinator | (585) 275-4042
206D Gavett Hall


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Fitzgerald, Cindy

Senior Technical Associate | (585) 273-4921
110  Gavett Hall

David G. Foster

Foster, David G.

Associate Professor | (585) 276-5350
201F Gavett Hall

Interests: Fluid Mechanics; Computational Fluid Dynamics; Rheology of Non-Newtonian Fluids; Biological Transport Phenomena


David R. Harding

Harding, David R.

Professor; Senior Scientist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics | (585) 275-5850
250 East River Road

Interests: Cryogenic Properties of Solid Deuterium and Tritium; Thin-Film Deposition; Microfluidic Processes

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Haring, Tal

Informational Analyst | (585) 276-7340
206 Gavett Hall

Victoria Heberling

Heberling, Victoria

Graduate Coordinator | (585) 275-4913
206E Gavett Hall


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Ioannidis, Andronique

Adjunct Assistant Professor
Professor | (585) 275-4041
206 Gavett Hall

Interests: TBA


Jacob Jorné

Jorné, Jacob

Professor | (585) 275-4584
201B Gavett Hall

Interests: Electrochemistry; Energy Conversion & Storage; Fuel Cells; Flow Batteries; Lithium Batteries; Green Energy; Microelectronic Processing; Copper Electrodeposition; Reaction-Diffusion Interactions; Scaling Theory


Doug Kelley

Kelley, F. Douglas

Associate Professor | (585) 275-7696
201C Gavett Hall

Interests: Polymer Extrusion; Small Particle and Nano-Particle Mixing; Compounding into Polymers; Biaxial Orientation of Polymers

Larry Kuntz

Kuntz, Larry

Laboratory Engineer | (585) 275-4047
104 Gavett Hall


Rachel Monfredo

Monfredo, Rachel

Lecturer & Senior Technical Associate | (585) 275-7885
109C Gavett Hall

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Mukaibo, Hitomi

Assistant Professor | (585) 275-2355
201E Gavett Hall

Interests: Bioanalytical Chemistry; Bio-Nanoscience; Electrochemistry; Energy Storage & Production; Biosensors; Chemistry at Interfaces; Materials Science


Thor Olsen

Olsen, Thor

Senior Technical Associate - PT | (585) 275-7885
109C Gavett Hall


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Porosoff, Marc D.

Assistant Professor
Starting July 2017 | (585) 275-3552
101A  Gavett Hall

Interests: CO2 Reduction; Heterogeneous Catalysis; Catalyst Structure-Property Relationships; C1 Chemistry; Upgrading Light Alkanes


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Rothberg, Lewis J.

Professor; Primary: Chemistry | (585) 273-4725
462 Hutchison Hall

Interests: Polymer electronics; Optoelectronic devices; Light-emitting diodes; Thin-film transistors; Photodetectors; Xerographic photoreceptors; Biological sensors; Electrooptic modulators


Yonathon Shapir

Shapir, Yonathon

Professor; Primary: Physics | (585) 275-7291
467 Bausch & Lomb

Interests: Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics; Statistical Mechanics; Critical Phenomena; Clusters, Kinetic Models of Growth ; Aggregation Fractal Properties of Percolation; Classical and Quantum Transport in Dirty Metals; Metal-insulator Transition; Statistical Properties of Different Polymer Configurations

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Shestopalov, Alexander A.

Assistant Professor | (585) 276-5434
248 Gavett Hall

Interests: Surface Chemistry; Organic Chemistry; Surface Patterning; Nanostructured Materials; Interfacial Thermodynamics


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Tang, Ching W.

Professor; Professor of Chemistry | (585) 275-3552
101A Gavett Hall

Interests: Organic Electronics; Thin-Film Devices; Display Technology; Organic Light Emitting Diodes; Organic Solar Cells; II-VI Semiconductors; CdTe Solar Cells; Thin-Film Deposition & Characterization

Wyatt Tenhaeff

Tenhaeff, Wyatt

Assistant Professor | (585) 275-5080
249A Gavett Hall

Interests: Electrochemical Energy Storage; Solid State Lithium Batteries and Solid Electrolytes; Polymer Thin Films, Interfaces and Thin Film Synthesis & Characterization; Vacuum Deposition Techniques


Andrew White

White, Andrew

Assistant Professor | (585) 276-7395
208C Gavett Hall

Interests: Materials Design; Self-Assembly; Computer Simulation ; Machine Learning

Sandra Willison

Willison, Sandra

Administrator | (585) 275-7917
206C Gavett Hall

David Wu

Wu, David

Professor | (585) 275-8499
313A Gavett Hall

Interests: Biofuels; Systems Biology; Genomics; Transcriptional Network; Biochemical Engineering; Fermentation; Biocatalysis; Bone Marrow Engineering; Lymphoid Tissue Engineering; Molecular Biology


Matt Yates

Yates, Matthew Z.

Professor; Scientist, Laboratory for Laser Energetics, Chair | (585) 273-2335
253 Gavett Hall

Interests: Colloids & Interfaces; Fuel Cell Membranes; Crystallization; Microencapsulation; Particle Synthesis ; Colloidal Stabilization