Undergraduate Program


Red ShirtsOur bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering combines mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology with fundamental engineering analysis and design principles.

Chemical engineering graduates work in a wide range of careers. Some work as engineers in specialized fields like microelectronics, materials science, biotechnology and alternative energy. Others continue on to get advance degrees in law, medicine, business or engineering.

Chemical engineering students are in high demand in all of these areas and have the highest entry-level salaries of all major disciplines. A 2014 report from the Hamilton Project indicated that students with a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering will typically earn slightly over $2 million during their working life, the highest of 80 college majors sampled.

Mission and Objectives

Our educational mission is to provide students with the initial foundation knowledge and skills they will need to become, and remain, leaders in their professional careers. Specific program objectives are:

We prepare students to make successful contributions in careers in a wide variety of professional arenas including industry, academia, government, medicine and law.

We will take advantage of the unique resources offered by the University of Rochester to promote the department's mission, including the development of good working relationships with faculty from across the University to facilitate the advising, training and general enrichment of our students' educational experience while at the University.