Undergraduate Program

Major Requirements

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Every chemical engineering undergraduate is assigned a faculty adviser. Faculty advisers help students assess their academic goals and career objectives, understand program requirements, and assist in choosing technical and non-technical electives.

Required Courses 

Required Chemical Engineering Courses
CHE150: Green Energy
CHE113: Chemical Process Analysis
CHE 116: Numerical Methods and Statistics
CHE243: Fluid Dynamics
CHE225: Thermodynamics
CHE244: Heat and Mass Transfer
CHE231: Kinetics and Reactor Design
CHE250: Separation Processes
CHE246: Laboratory in CHE Principles
CHE279: Chemical Engineering Practice
CHE273: CHE Process Design
CHE255: Lab in CHE Processes
CHE272: Process Control

Required Foundational Courses
CHM131: Chemical Concepts I
CHM132: Chemical Concepts II
CHM203: Organic Chemistry I
CHM207: Organic Chemistry Lab IH
CHM204: Organic CHMII (or approved replacement)
CHM251: Physical Chemistry I
One Advanced Chemistry Elective (check with adviser for current courses)
MTH161: Calculus I
MTH162: Calculus II
MTH164: Multidimensional Calculus
MTH165: Linear Algebra and Differential Equations
PHY121: Mechanics
PHY122: Electricity and Magnetism
Two Technical Electives
One Humanities or Social Science Cluster plus two courses in the opposite division of the chosen cluster (20 credits total)
WRT 105: Primary Writing Requirement
WRT 273: Communicating Your Professional Identity

*A 2.0 minimum GPA is required in core courses to remain in the program

Technical Tracks

ChemE students can specialize in one or more important areas through technical electives. These courses lead to a more in-depth understanding of a particular area and possibly a minor. Students who would like to complete a minor should start planning early to complete the required courses. Students are not required to follow a technical track, this is just a suggestion for specialization in one area.

Alternative Energy Technologies
CHE 150: Green Engineering
CHE 258: Electrochemical Engineering and Fuel Cells
CHE 430: Organic Electronics
ME 492: Fuel Cell Materials
ME 253: Introduction to Nuclear Engineering

(Requirements for environmental engineering minor)

Applied Mathematics
MTH 281: Introduction to Fourier Series-Orthogonal Polynomials and Boundary Value Problems
MTH 282: Introduction to Complex Variables
MTH 285: Introduction to Applied Mathematics
ME 211: Computational Methods
ME 401: Methods of Applied Mathematics
ME 406: Dynamical Systems

(Requirements for math and mechanical engineering minors)

Biomedical Engineering
BME 101: Intro to Biomedical Engineering
BIO 110: Biology
BIO 111: Principles of Biology II
CHE 243: Fluid Dynamics
BME 260: Quantitative Physiology with lab
BME 262: Cell and Tissue Engineering

(Requirements for biomedical engineering minor)

BIO 110: Principles of Biology
BIO 199: Molecular Cell Biology
BIO 250: Biochemistry
CHE 259: Transport Phenomena in Biological Systems
CHE 469: Biotechnology and Bioengineering

(Requirements for biology minor)

Computer Science
CSC 171: The Science of Programming
CSC 172: The Science of Data Structures
CSC 173: Computation and Formal Systems
CSC 242: Artificial Intelligence
CSC 252: Computer Organization
CSC 254: Programming Language Design and Implementation

(Requirements for computer science minor)

Environmental Engineering
CHE 150: Green Energy
CHE 250: Separation Process
CHE 258: Electrochemical Engineering and Fuel Cells
CHE 260: Solar Cells
CHE 264: Biofuels
CHE 273: Chemical Engineering Process Design
EES 218: Chemistry of Global Change
EES 217: Physical and Chemical Hydrology
EES 283: Sedimentary Basin Analysis

(Note: can lead to a minor in environmental engineering)

Immunology Biology
BIO 111: Intro to Biology Part 1
BIO 111: Intro to Biology Part 2
BIO 111L: Introductory Biology Lab
BIO 203: Mammalian Anatomy
BIO 204: Mammalian Physiology
BIO 210: Molecular Cell Biology
BIO 250: Biochemistry
MBI 473: Immunology

(Requirements for biology minor)

Materials Science
CHE 280: Chemistry of Advanced Materials
ME 280: Introduction to Materials Science
CHE 213: Engineering of Soft Matter
CHE 286: Polymer Science and Technology
CHM 252: Physical Chemistry II
ECE 220: Introduction to Solid State

(Requirements for materials science minor)

PHY 217: Electricity and Magnetism I
PHY 218: Electricity and Magnetism II
PHY 227: Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics
PHY 237: Quantum Mechanics of Physical Systems
PHY 251: Introduction to Condensed Matter Physics

(Requirements for physics minor)